1 - christophe lecomte
christophe lecomte

Graduated from ESAA BOULLE school in 1990, Christophe LECOMTE started his advertising career, creating prototype flasks and PLV's for an important cosmetics brand.

In 1994, he joined the design department of a leading furniture manufacturer.

His technical knowledge and passion for furniture naturally encouraged him to create his own activity as an independent designer, putting his creativity at the service of the collections of major brands and manufacturers.

Today its collections navigate between emotion and function, with a common denominator of elegance and ergonomics.

His aim is to offer emotion through the object, reconciling function with aesthetics and comfort.

Collaborating with animovel for about a decade, and with a wide knowledge of the brand and production processes, he has already created some of the brand's most iconic collections.

2 - alexandre calvário
alexandre calvário

Alexandre Calvário, industrial designer, graduated from the Universidade Técnica of Lisbon and with nearly a decade of experience in the development and design of high-end and luxury furniture.

He has been collaborating for a few years with several independent partners and brands in interior design projects, and has recently started to collaborate with animovel.

He developed some products related to the new rebranding of the animovel brand, which were included in the upholstery collection, namely a modular sofa, armchairs and new chairs.

3 - joana magalhães
joana magalhães

Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, Joana completed a Degree in Architecture at the University of Porto, one of the most prestigious Schools of Architecture in Europe, having spent an academic year at the Federico II University in Naples, Italy

Joana started her career working at the studio Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira, in a very international and avant-garde environment. In 2003, Joana moved to Madrid, where her work encompassed residential and winery architecture and interior design. The year 2009 brought a new shift to the San Francisco Bay Area, where Joana started her own interior design company, mixeDesigns. In 2015 Joana began her collaboration with animovel, sporadically developing pieces in collaboration, such as our Moorea table, an icon of our “table & chairs concept”.

4 - christophe de sousa
christophe de sousa

Christophe de Sousa is a French-Portuguese designer, born in France in 1979. At a very young age he came to live in Portugal, his parents' country of origin.

This mix of experiences allowed him a broad vision and understanding of different cultures. Traveling, in addition to spending time with people from different backgrounds, served as a basis for his inspiration.

He showed a passion and ability for drawing from a young age.

The degree in Industrial Design at Universidade Lusíada do Porto became the formal basis of his creative adventure.

Collaboration with several companies from the most varied sectors, and the international awards with which his work was distinguished, supported his “know-how” to grow and develop, reflecting the evolution of his unique “trait”.

Passionate about the creation and production process and obstinate about form versus function, he is a born observer, finding the greatest allies in the search for perfection in details!

Since the beginning of 2017, Christophe de Sousa Studio has been based in Porto, Portugal. He works with renowned companies such as Delta Cafés, Siemens, Wewood, Merzedes-Benz Headquarter Office and international institutions (Universidad Católica de Chile and BID16 - Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño).

His work is appreciated on the European continent (European Parliament Product Design Award 2017 - Bruxelles, Belgium), as well as abroad (Good Design Product Award 2017 Chicago, USA).


5 - anidesign

The anidesign studio, an integral part of animovel, works on product development and design. The know-how accumulated from decades of experience allows the technical team to design new products and develop different concepts whenever possible.

At anidesign, pieces like our Puzzle table were created and developed with the greatest detail and consideration for contemporary design elements. This design was created to respond to customer requests and in an almost immediate response to what the market regularly asks for.

The technical team is endowed with talent, experience and this enables the in-house development of unique pieces.

In an ever-changing world, having designers who follow this course of change allows you to constantly anticipate and launch trends.



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