tables & chairs concept

joana magalhães
christophe lecomte

Animovel is proud of having accumulated in more recent years the knowledge and productive capacity that allows it to offer a range of products solely dedicated to tables and chairs.

This “tables & chairs concept” aims to combine design, strength and robustness in unique and original pieces that are synonymous with elegance and innovation.

These are products that are quickly recognized as animovel products and reflect the integrity of the brand.

All animovel tables have extension systems with levellers, and synchronized opening, which allows for an easy and safe use.

In addition to being easy to use, they are quite robust and allow the same level of customization as all the pieces in our lines, from metal to natural wood veneers, including a range of high quality ceramics of Italian origin.

This range of products is quickly recognized and reflects what is best done at animovel.

Each table takes on an almost sculptural but subtle nature and evokes the balance between geometric shapes.



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