The new challenges of the next decade



Animovel launched at the beginning of year 2021 a rebranding action, considering the new challenges that the next decade proposes.

The company decided to equip itself with resources to renew its drive, laying the foundations for the work it will develop in the upcoming years.

In addition to deep interventions in the infrastructure, which have been carried out in recent years, with large investments in machinery and expansion of facilities, the company has invested in new spaces for its teams in the technical, sales, marketing and back office areas. The focus on communication and flexibility of the teams was at the main reason of this makeover.

Changes and improvements were also made to the company's graphic image, which will soon be reflected in the way animovel communicates, especially on digital platforms.

In short, the usual values of the animovel brand were renewed, in order to maintain the sustainability and focus on innovation that has always been part of the company's DNA.

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